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Took our Grandaughter that just turned 3 on Sept. 13, 2015. My grandaughter said it was the best day ever. It will be a nice memory for us. We will definately go back.

I was amazed to see just such beautiful animals and to be able to get up close Gods creatures...I only hope other people would enjoy the animals as much as me...I still can't stop talking about the fun I had the first time 7-15-2015 and will be going tomorrow...thank you so much for letting me enjoy the animals and taking pictures

The baby cub. Was looking at the bucket they all know what a bucket is and actually we really enjoyed our time at the zoo

My family and I have been out to the zoo several times over the past few years. Each time is like a new experience. We just love it! The zoo itself is rustic and unpolished and wildly charming. When describing it to others I often say, "it's like taking your children to grandma's farm, but instead of seeing goats and sheep and cows, you see lions and tigers and bears!" The place is unlike anything I've seen. Only adding to the appeal of the homey setting is the close and personal experience you get to have with these amazing animals. Every time I visit I feel a renewed respect and appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into the proper care and treatment of exotic and domestic animals. Thank you, Brown family, for proving such an awesome and inspiring animal experience.

Had a amazing time at Browns Oakridge, and plan on visiting again before the end of the year. The tiger cub they had was a amazing experience to be able to have even a few minutes of hands on time. Everyone at work now wants to visit. The staff was very friendly and had good stories, and the zoo looked like the animals were in way better condition both physically and living conditions than any zoo I have been to. 10/10 rating from both me and my girlfriend. The hour and a half drive from Peoria was well worth it. We only spent a total of $32 for the two of us for the tour and photos with the tiger cub.

To Laura Grant: Brown's Oakridge Zoo has no way to control your search results.
Just curious as to if you drove the 1 hour and 50 minutes to visit the zoo?? Perhaps your day wouldn't have been ruined had you actually went there, because it is well worth the drive and offers many things a large city zoo does not!

When I look up a zoo in Quincy Illinois I don't expect to drive an hour and 50 minutes to get there. How is this anywhere near Quincy. Ruined our day.

Are you still expecting a baby bear?

We just recently came to this zoo and loved it. Its a really good experience. The up close and personal experience is wonderful. I would suggest to do the viewings/ holding the babies in groups and make people that show up later wait for the next group. It became a little crazy while trying to enjoy the tour when people kept showing up interrupting the group. It became really hard to enjoy holding the baby lion when it was on such a short time frame because of all the people that showed up that were going crazy about holding the little baby and us getting pushed to the end of the line even tho we were the first ones there and were waiting all that time. But a really great zoo overall.!! Would definitely recommend!

I volunteered here for a short time while attending Western Illinois University. Nancy was an amazing mentor and her facility does fantastic for the resources she has. I miss being able to visit and volunteer here!