June 7, 2012

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I was there July 29th with my family and kids. The only thing I noticed were people who were inconsiderate to the rules and couldn't follow directions. I don't blame the staff for having to get on people for not listening. I saw a lot of people disregarding the rules that were clearly explained by the staff. A lot of it were people not controlling their kids too. Handling the tiger cub especially. I don't know how many times she told people to keep their little ones off the ground around the tiger cub and stupid people kept putting their toddlers back down on the ground. If I was part of the staff there were a lot of people I would have made leave without a refund for not listening.

I think the zoo was great and wonderful job by this family for caring for these animals and allowing people to come experience them. Great job. If I'm ever in a position to donate anything helpful I plan on it....food, money, materials. Awesome place. For those who can't follow simple rules and show respect, stay home and learn how to control your children. Enough said! :)

We had a great time & it was a very cool experience :)
Everyone was friendly & the staff was helpful and nice- thank you!

My family visited the zoo a couple weeks ago. We had a great time there! The staff was VERY friendly and informative. You can tell they take very good care of their animals. We got to see the animals interact with humans in ways I have never seen before in a big zoo. I loved seeing the big tiger play in the sprinkler :) My daughter had a blast feeding and holding the tiger cub. We just made sure we listened to everything the guide said and followed all their rules. It was truly and experience we will never forget and fully intend to go back. We have also recommended this zoo to all of our friends and family. Well worth the drive!

The Brown's Zoo is a non-profit organization owned and operated by a family and staff who strives for excellent in every aspect especially when it comes to their beautiful animals. It's truly disheartening to see anything but positive feedback on this page. To own, run and take care of even one animal is time consuming, imagine caring for a hundred and doing it well.
This Brown's Zoo offers a unique one on one intimate experience providing education, interaction and beauty. To make your visit enjoyable and rewarding, listen to the rules and emphasize to your children the importance of these rules, after all these are wild animals, let's give them the respect they deserve!
I highly recommend taking the drive....
Thank you to the Brown's Zoo for giving myself and family an opportunity of a lifetime!

We went today (Sept. 9, 2012). Had a great time! Wonderful weather made for great animal watching! I was glad that the staff was so specific about the rules - easy to keep people and animals safe.

We had a great time! Thanks!

I learned about the zoo from a friend and was lucky enough to bring my daughter and granddaughters to Bogdan's birthday party. We all loved it. The girls learned a lot about the animals and got to feed Sarge the baby tiger. They loved seeing him play with the dog. What I liked best was that it felt more like visiting a home, than a zoo. Everyone was very friendly and fun. It is a place we will return to and we have told family and friends they shouldn't miss it. Thank you.

I must say, after we found the zoo, the signs were not all that big, we loved it! My husband and I were on the Spoon River Drive and we were going to Smithfield to look around and I saw the Browns Oakridge Zoo. We were very impressed by the big cats and bears, you could really see them up close! Not at all like a big zoo. Hats off to the family who owns the animals! They look very well cared for. We will be back!

I would have gone here before you closed for the winter but I didn't know about you. I will be there when you open back up in 2013. Looks like an awesome time.

I volunteered here for a short time while attending Western Illinois University. Nancy was an amazing mentor and her facility does fantastic for the resources she has. I miss being able to visit and volunteer here!

We just recently came to this zoo and loved it. Its a really good experience. The up close and personal experience is wonderful. I would suggest to do the viewings/ holding the babies in groups and make people that show up later wait for the next group. It became a little crazy while trying to enjoy the tour when people kept showing up interrupting the group. It became really hard to enjoy holding the baby lion when it was on such a short time frame because of all the people that showed up that were going crazy about holding the little baby and us getting pushed to the end of the line even tho we were the first ones there and were waiting all that time. But a really great zoo overall.!! Would definitely recommend!